【Ticket refund information】

  • Ticket refunds due to feel unwell (ticket charge cancellation) information

    Your ticket will be refunded if you cannot come to the museum because you feel unwell(charge cancellation).
    If you purchased your ticket from somewhere other than the official museum website (travel agencies, ticket agencies, etc.), the procedures vary. Please contact the service from which you purchased the ticket directly.

    【Refund (charge cancellation) for tickets purchased via the official museum website】
    Please contact us using the Inquiry Form (include your ticket inquiry number) by the admission date and time on the ticket you purchased.The museum will cancel the charge.

    ▼ If the charge cancellation/refund processing date is before your credit card closing date, the refund will be processed during the same month as the payment. Your card will not be charged.

    ▼ If the charge cancellation/refund processing date is after your credit card closing date, you will be charged for the payment that month, but the amount will be deducted from your bill the following month.
    * Closing dates vary by credit card company. Please note that we cannot confirm your closing date.

    Please note that no refunds can be given in the following cases due reasons related to the processing of credit card charge cancellations.
    ・If you purchased multiple tickets at once and some were used, the unused tickets cannot be refunded
    ・If you purchased admission tickets with EN TEA HOUSE tea tickets and only the tea tickets are unused, the tea tickets cannot be refunded
    If a member of your party feels unwell and cannot come to the museum, please cancel all of the tickets and then purchase new ones.

About Ticket

  • Can I date change or cancel my tickets after the purchase is completed?

    As a general rule no cancellations are taken after purchase. However, you can change the admission dates and times three times only for tickets purchased on the teamLab Borderless official ticket website.
    *You can make changes until 9:00 AM on the original admission dates and times.
    To change the admission dates and times, complete the procedures from the "Change the admission dates and times" button displayed on the QR ticket you want to change.

    However, the admission dates and times cannot be changed in the following cases.
    ・Tickets with dates that have already been changed three times
    ・Ticket type/number of sheets changes.
    ・Changing to a dates and times for which sufficient tickets are not available.
    ・Changing only some of multiple purchased tickets.
    ・Changing each ticket separately to a different dates and times.
    ・Changing to a dates and times that is not available to purchase.
    ・Changing to a dates and times with a revised price.

  • I don't own a smartphone, tablet or similar device; Can I still use my e-tickets?

    If you can print the e-ticket you purchased from a computer.
    Even without a smartphone, you can print your e-ticket and present it for admission.

  • Do I have to print my e-tickets?

    1. If you own a smartphone, tablet or similar devices.
    You don't have to print your tickets. Access the URL from your purchase confirmation email and display the ticket screen at the entrance.

    2. If you do not own a smart device.
    Print ticket using the "Print your e-ticket" on the ticket page that is displayed after 0:00 AM on the admission day.

  • How do I purchase and pay for tickets?

    1. Purchase from the official website.
    You can pay for tickets on the official website via credit card or Alipay or PayPay or d barai.

  • Where can I view my purchased tickets?

    You may display the ticket from the URL on your purchase confirmation email (subject: teamLab e-ticket purchase completed)
    If this email hasn't been delivered, please contact us via the inquiry at this website.

  • Can I share my tickets with friends? In the case of group purchase, is individual entrance available?

    Tickets can be distributed to friends. Members of your group can enter the museum separately at the time printed on the ticket.
    Select and send ticket to be issued using the "Share your Ticket" button shown on the ticket page that is displayed after 0:00 AM on the admission day.
    *Persons with disabilities must bring their disability certificate to receive the discount. The certificate will be checked at the entrance gate. Please come with your accompanying person.

    Please refrain from forwarding your purchase confirmation email to others.

  • The purchase confirmation email hasn't been delivered, what should I do?

    If your purchase confirmation email hasn't arrived, be aware of the following:

    1. The email hasn't been delived to the inbox of the mail software or It may be stored in another folder by a filter (automatic sorting function) set in the mail

    2. Your email software might be rejecting our email.
    Please set up to be able to receive mail from @

    If your problem could not be solved by the above, please contact us via the inquiry at this website.
    Please contact us if none of the above methods resolve the problem.

  • Can I stop sharing my tickets?

    Yes, you may stop sharing your tickets from the ticket details page by clicking the "edit your shared tickets" button.
    Note that after you cancel ticket sharing, the other party won't be able to access the tickets and the number of tickets your own will be increased.

  • Will tickets be available on the day?

    There will be no local sales, but if not sold out, you can still purchase tickets at the official ticket site on the day of the event.

About Admission

  • Is re-entry permitted?

    No, re-entry is not permitted.

  • Can children (junior high school age and under) enter by themselves?

    Children (junior high school students and under) must be accompanied by an adult at least 20 years old.
    One adult may accompany up to three children.

  • Are there any admission limits?

    Admission may be limited in some cases.

  • Will I have to wait before entering the museum?

    You may have to wait in some cases.

  • Do I have to leave the museum before the next admission time?

    There is no limit on how long you can stay in the museum after admission.

  • Can guests with invitation tickets enter immediately?

    Guests with priority invitation tickets can enter the museum right away without waiting in the admission line. Guests with regular invitation tickets must line up in the admission line at the specified admission time.

  • Can I bring a stroller inside?

    No strollers are permitted.
    Please leave them in the luggage room.

About The Site

  • Are there any pamphlets (facility maps)?

    teamLab Borderless is a world of art without boundaries, a museum without a map.
    No maps are provided so visitors can experience the art in line with this concept.

  • Are there any rest areas or nursing rooms?

    There are two rest areas on each floor.
    A nursing room is located near the Athletics Forest.
    If you need assistance, please ask a nearby staff member.

  • Are there any restaurants, cafes, or vending machines in the museum?

    There are no restaurants, but there is a tea house (separate fees apply).
    There are also vending machines in the rest areas on each floor.

  • Are credit cards accepted everywhere in the museum?

    Only cash and electronic money are accepted at the vending machines.

  • Can I take photos (videos)? Can I post them to social media?

    You can take photos and videos and post them on social media, but the following are prohibited:

    ・Photography using auxiliary camera equipment (such as monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks), flash photography
    ・Photography or coverage for commercial purposes without prior consent
    ・Other actions that bother other guests

  • Is teamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu a separate facility?

    It is a separate facility.
    Your ticket only provides admission to teamLab Borderless.